Peer Review Policy

Peer Review Policy

THE KNOWLEDGE follows a double blind peer reviewing policy. The following stages ensure the proper reviewing process.

Preliminary Screening: The associate editors perform the first screening to see whether the paper is appropriate for publishing in THE KNOWLEDGE Journal. After that, the manuscript is forwarded for blind review. Two professionals from academically strong background review each article. The reviewers' remarks and recommendations are communicated to the authors, who then have a deadline to edit their work.

Regretting after Preliminary Screening: On the grounds of priority, lack of originality, scientific errors, lack of reader interest, or journal scope, a significant portion of manuscripts are declined without going to external peer review. On these documents, a decision is typically made right away.

Blind Peer Review Process: The assistant editor is tasked with assigning the articles which have passed the Preliminary Screening to two reviewers chosen from a list of subject matter experts. If the work requires specialized statistical review knowledge, it might also be sent to one. Following receipt of the reviews, the editorial board decides whether to accept, reject, or ask the author to make changes in response to the reviewers' suggestions for a manuscript.

Selection of Peer Reviewers: The Journal follows a meticulous process for the selection of peer reviewers to ensure the highest standards of scholarly rigor and integrity. Potential reviewers are chosen based on their expertise, academic credentials, and prior experience in the relevant field of study. The editorial board carefully considers factors such as research specialization, publication record, and ethical conduct before inviting reviewers to evaluate submitted manuscripts. By engaging knowledgeable and impartial reviewers, the journal aims to provide constructive feedback, maintain academic excellence, and uphold the credibility of the peer review process. Collaborating with esteemed reviewers strengthens the quality and impact of published research in our journal.