Correction Policy

Correction Policy

Regarding published content, “THE KNOWLEDGE” will provide editor's notes, editorial expressions of concern, retraction statements, and other post-publication revisions.

We have established a clear and transparent correction policy to address any errors or inaccuracies that may arise in our journal. 

  1. Correction Process:
    1. Upon discovery of an error, inaccuracy, or omission in any published content, readers, authors, or other stakeholders are encouraged to promptly notify the editorial team via email or other designated communication channels.
    2. The editorial team will thoroughly review the reported issue and assess its impact on the accuracy and reliability of the content in question.
  2. Types of Corrections:
    1. Minor Errors: For typographical errors, grammatical mistakes, or minor factual inaccuracies, a correction will be issued in the form of an editor's note appended to the online version of the article. The note will clearly acknowledge the error and provide the accurate information.
    2. Material Revisions: In cases where the error significantly affects the meaning, integrity, or scholarly value of the content, a formal correction notice will be published. This notice will outline the nature of the error and provide the correct information, along with an explanation of the corrective action taken.
  3. Timeliness of Corrections:
    1. Corrections will be promptly addressed upon verification of the reported errors. Our goal is to ensure that the corrected information is made available to our readers at the earliest opportunity.
  4. Transparency and Accountability:
    1. "The Knowledge" is dedicated to maintaining transparency and accountability in our correction process. We are committed to openly acknowledging and addressing any errors that may arise in our published content.
  5. Retraction Policy:
    1. In instances where serious issues of scientific misconduct, ethical violations, or irreparable inaccuracies are identified, "The Knowledge" reserves the right to retract the affected content. Retractions will be accompanied by a formal statement explaining the reasons for retraction and clarifying the circumstances surrounding the decision.
  6. Communication of Corrections:
    1. All corrections and retractions will be prominently displayed on the online platform, and appropriate notifications will be issued to relevant stakeholders, including authors, readers, and indexing databases, as applicable.

"The Knowledge" views the correction process as an essential component of our commitment to academic rigor and intellectual honesty. We appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our readers, authors, and the broader academic community in helping us maintain the quality and accuracy of our published content.

For inquiries or notifications regarding corrections, please contact the editorial team at editorthekowledge@gmail.com