Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Thank you for considering "The Knowledge" as a potential publication venue for your scholarly work. To ensure the smooth processing of your manuscript and to promote the highest standards of academic integrity, we kindly request that you adhere to the following author guidelines:

  1. Manuscript Preparation:
    1. All manuscripts should be prepared according to the journal's formatting requirements, including margins, line spacing, font size, and citation style. Detailed instructions for formatting can be found on the journal's website or in the Formatting Guidelines.
    2. Authors are encouraged to use clear and concise language, provide well-structured content, and adhere to the designated word limits for the respective article types (e.g., research articles, reviews, case studies).
  2. Originality and Ethical Considerations:
    1. Authors must ensure that their submissions are original, have not been previously published or submitted to other journals, and do not infringe upon any copyright or intellectual property rights. Proper citations and attributions to existing work should be included as necessary.
    2. Authors should adhere to ethical standards in research and publication, including the proper handling of data, obtaining informed consent for human subjects, and disclosing any potential conflicts of interest or funding sources.
  3. Manuscript Components: Submissions should include essential components such as title, abstract, keywords, introduction, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, and references. Authors should also provide any supplementary materials, data sets, or appendices as relevant to the submission.
  4. References and Citations: Authors are responsible for accurately citing and referencing the sources used in their research. Consistent adherence to a recognized citation style (e.g., APA 7th)  is required, and all sources cited in the manuscript must be listed in the reference section.
  5. Authorship and Acknowledgments: All individuals who have made significant contributions to the research and preparation of the manuscript should be listed as authors. Any conflicts or disputes related to authorship should be resolved before submission. Contributions and acknowledgments of non-authorial roles or support should also be clearly delineated.
  6. Manuscript Submission: Authors are advised to submit their manuscripts electronically through the journal's online submission system. Detailed instructions on the submission process, file formats, and any additional documentation required will be provided on the journal's website or submission portal.
  7. Review and Revisions: Upon submission, manuscripts will undergo a thorough peer review process. Authors are expected to respond to reviewer comments and make revisions in a timely manner. Clear and detailed responses to reviewer feedback will help expedite the review process and enrich the quality of the final publication.
  8. Compliance with Journal Policies: Authors should familiarize themselves with the journal's editorial and publication policies, including guidelines on data sharing, preprint deposition, and ethical considerations. Adherence to these policies will facilitate the successful review and publication of your work.
  9. Contact Information: For any inquiries related to the submission process, manuscript status, or specific author guidelines, authors are encouraged to contact the editorial office at editorthekowledge@gmail.com for prompt assistance and clarification.

We appreciate your attention to these author guidelines and your commitment to upholding the highest standards of scholarly publishing. By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of impactful research within the academic community.

These Author Guidelines for "The Knowledge" Educational Journal are designed to assist authors in preparing and submitting their manuscripts for publication. Authors are encouraged to refer to these guidelines as a comprehensive resource throughout the manuscript preparation and submission process.